Category: Quotes

Time and Place

Posted on Dec 03rd 2016

There is a time and a place. And this is not your time or your place.

My shadow

Posted on Nov 12th 2016

I’m not alone because, my shadow is always with me!


Posted on Sep 23rd 2016

“As long as we keep moving forward, I’ll endure.”
— Red Reddington, The Blacklist, S3


Posted on Jan 04th 2016

If it wasn’t for caffeine I wouldn’t be a functioning member of society.

Twisted reality

Posted on Dec 09th 2015

We live in a world of twisted reality and parallel truth.

Team work

Posted on Oct 21st 2015

There is no “I” in Team… Guess what, there is an “M” and “E”

Being better

Posted on Oct 10th 2015

It’s perfectly normal to think you’re better than everyone else. Simply keep that to yourself.

Team leader

Posted on Oct 04th 2015

“And who made you the team leader?” – challenges One
“I did, by stepping up. And so did all of you by not challenging me when I did. Unless, you had a change of heart and think you can do a better job.” – snaps Two
— Dark Matter, Ep 2