Posted on Jan 04th 2016

If it wasn’t for caffeine I wouldn’t be a functioning member of society.

Ice Queen

Posted on Nov 05th 2015

The Ice Age is coming and I shall be your Ice Queen !

Blood moon eclipse

Posted on Sep 29th 2015

Yesterday I witnessed my first lunar eclipse. Turns out this one was a very special one and a very rare occurrence. It was a combination of a perigee (aka. supermoon) when the moon is closest to the earth and the lunar eclipse.

FitBit’s Sahara Badge

Posted on May 10th 2015

As I was walking into my loft, the FitBit app cheerfully announced that I had earned a new badge. The Sahara badge to be exact for walking 2,983 miles, which coincidentally is the length of the Sahara Desert. It seemed to have taken me 2 years to walk that distance. Guess if I ever get stuck in the Saraha Desert, I know how long it will take me to get out of there.

Release of the squirrel

Posted on Aug 30th 2012

Got an email from Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation informing me that my baby grey squirrel “was released back into the wild once it was completely recovered and able to survive on its own.” The squirrel would have been about 4 months old by now. I’m guessing that’s old enough to be able to survive on it’s own.

Hello world!

Posted on Jan 15th 2012

Welcome and thank you for landing here. This note marks the start of my blog. I will post about random stuff I see, places I visit and events I go to. Hope you’ll enjoy and keep checking back for updates.