Cleveland, home of Superman

Alright, Superman is not from Cleveland, he's from planet Krypton, however the creators of the character are. Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster were growing up in Cleveland, OH, when in 1930s they created Superman.

One of the fun reminders of that fact, is the permanent exhibit at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, debuted in 2012. It is located in the baggage area, near door 6.

The exhibit depicts a skyline of Cleveland on the back wall, which serves as a map to key locations in the creators lives. The talk bubbles provide commentary on the relevance of each location.

Permanent Superman exhibit At CLE Airport

Statue of Superman

Permanent Superman exhibit

See the origins of Superman

Home of Superman

Key locations for Superman creators


"As long as we keep moving forward, I’ll endure."
-- Red Reddington, The Blacklist, S3


If it wasn't for caffeine I wouldn't be a functioning member of society.

Twisted reality

We live in a world of twisted reality and parallel truth.

Field Museum promoting new ancient Greece exhibit

While in Chicago for business and walking from the hotel to the office, I noticed something rather unusual. A huge Trojan Horse standing on top of the CTA's Chicago Red Line station. Closer look revealed it was a promotion to the new exhibit about ancient Greece at the Field Museum. Very catchy and clever advertising.

The Greeks exhibit is co-presented by The Field Museum and the National Hellenic Museum. It will be on from Nov 25, 2015 to Apr 10, 2016 and promises more than 500 artifacts.

Trojan Horse hovering over Chicago Red Line Station

Trojan Horse in Chicago

Entrace to Chicago Red Line covered by Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse head

Trojan Horse promotion of Greek Exhibit

Trojan Horse promotion for Field Museum

Ice Queen

The Ice Age is coming and I shall be your Ice Queen !

Team work

There is no "I" in Team... Guess what, there is an "M" and "E"

“Lost in Another Space” at Plus 81 Gallery

"Lost in Another Space" is a two-person exhibition featuring female artists that I learned about from a co-worker, Shoko Tagaya, who co-curated it. The two artists had completely different styles. Esther Stocker manipulates intuitive and basic geometry into complicated disorientation. Sayaka Maruyama draws on the notion of beauty. The printed on cloth series, called Sakura, incorporated the cherry blossoms with images of a woman creating dreamy portraits.

The exhibit will be open at the Plus 81 Gallery until Nov 15, 2015.

Sakura series by Sayaka Maruyama at the Plus 81 Gallery

One of prints by Sayaka Maruyama

Plus 81 Gallery exhibit reception

Guests looking at the geometry by Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker at the Plus 81 Gallery

Esther Stocker manipulates basic geometry

Sayaka Maruyama at the Plus 81 Gallery

Sayaka Maruyama cloth print in the window

Being better

It's perfectly normal to think you're better than everyone else. Simply keep that to yourself.

Reunion on Union St in Williamsburg

Stumbled across a new coffee shop, Reunion, on Union St in Williamsburg. Nice place to get coffee and lunch and get some work done. It's a small place with the seating shaped up as a T with tables all around. Something to keep in mind, the windows don't have blinds or curtains and in the afternoon the place is filled with direct sunlight making it hard to see the computer screen. Nicely decorated with its own flare.

Reunion Cafe coffee grinders

Reunion Cafe and Coffice

Reunion Cafe wall

Reunion Cafe - Coffee and Coffice

Reunion Cafe - coffee cup

Reunion Cafe menu