“Lost in Another Space” at Plus 81 Gallery

Posted on Oct 15th 2015

“Lost in Another Space” is a two-person exhibition featuring female artists that I learned about from a co-worker, Shoko Tagaya, who co-curated it. The two artists had completely different styles. Esther Stocker manipulates intuitive and basic geometry into complicated disorientation. Sayaka Maruyama draws on the notion of beauty. The printed on cloth series, called Sakura, incorporated the cherry blossoms with images of a woman creating dreamy portraits.

The exhibit will be open at the Plus 81 Gallery until Nov 15, 2015.

Sakura series by Sayaka Maruyama at the Plus 81 Gallery

One of prints by Sayaka Maruyama

Plus 81 Gallery exhibit reception

Guests looking at the geometry by Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker at the Plus 81 Gallery

Esther Stocker manipulates basic geometry

Sayaka Maruyama at the Plus 81 Gallery

Sayaka Maruyama cloth print in the window

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