Behind closed doors of Ellis Island Hospital

Posted on Jun 24th 2017

The Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital has been abandoned and closed to the public since the late 1950s. Few decades later, the hospital was declared an endangered historical site and work has been done to try and preserve the buildings.

Currently standing in the state of rested decay the hospital is still closed off to the public, however, one can sign up to the exclusive hard hat tours organized by Untapped Cities and get a glimpse behind the closed doors. During the tour the attendees get to explore the over 100 year old laundry building, autopsy room, infections disease ward and walk the hallways of what used the be state of the art hospital of its time.

The Ellis Island Hospital was operational from 1902 until 1930s and had the lowest mortality rate. The patients had received top-class treatment. The hospital played an important role in screening the immigrants to prevent epidemics on the American soil.

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