What is it like to be a consultant

Posted on Jun 20th 2017

I always find it a challenge answering the simplest of questions what is it that I do for a living. I decided to do a little documentary about what is it like to be a Consultant. Looking at this video, I’m not sure it still truly answers how am I able to make a living while travelling and going out so much, but guess what it’s part of the job.

I can say that what I do is not for the faintest, it requires being very adaptable, being able to deal with crazy schedules and dealing with a heck lot of pressure. Not to mention being able to run cross airport in less then 10min to catch the plane, cause once those doors are closed, they ARE closed! As tough as it is, I would not want any other job. It is by living this hectic lifestyle, that you truly start appreciating what you have and who you have in your life and truly living in the moment.

Hope you enjoy watching this, as much as I enjoyed making this. Here is 2 months of my life in under 4 minutes.

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